Empowering interaction, relations and collaboration

What's Symposia?

Symposia is an application that provides an unprecedented real-time interaction between attendees, speakers and sponsoring enterprises as well as foster relationships. Now you can create online surveys in real time, speakers can interact with the audience during a presentation, spontaneity create Q&A and follow them after the events creating a new paradigm for live events.

Get to know the new way to interact with events. Meet SyMPOSIA.


Access the complete schedule for the event, presentations and biographies of the speakers. Attendees can complete their own biography and allow other participants with similar interest to or registered for the same event to interact between each other.


You will be able to send custom, automated invites and reminders promoting your event and obtaining real-time statistics.


Attendee real time metrics: presentations, downloads, surveys and interactions among others.


The After Event

Keep in contact with attendees, sponsors and speakers before, during and after the event is over, thanks to our powerful networking tools.


Modify the Schedule, announce lunch times or even airport departures to selected attendees.


Direct interactions between attendees, speakers and sponsors through direct messages, online forums, real-time questions and much more.

Why does it makes the difference?

Events start before participants get through the door. Relationships also do.

With SyMPOSIA the event begins early. Because attendees can interact with their colleagues. Because they have the possibility to access the backup material earlier. Because before the event they can register in the forums.Because sponsors can have themselves noted earlier.

Interaction on its maximum expression. Amplified networking.

With SyMPOSIA,interaction during the event is taken to a new level. Direct messages between attendees and speakers,forums,real time surveys and questions during presentations,opinion polls,PUSH notifications,among othertools make networking expand like never before.

The event doesn't end. The event continues.

With SyMPOSIA the event never ends. Because attendees can still participate in the forums and search their colleagues. Because sponsors can stillbe connected through custom sponsored surveys and forums. Because attendees can download the content from the event and access it on·demand.

Sponsors discover a new marketing. The organizer, new ways to monetize.

With SyMPOSIA the sponsor has marketing tools available that will enhance their contact and be closer to the attendees.Sponsored forums,sections,satellite chats and the Premium button in the app willmakeyou stand out in an efficient,friendly and tremendously powerful way.

Acquiring knowledge is very important. An app with foundations on how to acquire it, it is also.

SyMPOSIA was born from years developing and innovating in the elearning space (www.entrenar.se) and educational content;easing and guaranteeing the best functionality for quick,intuitive and collaborative learning. Because SyMPOSIA knows the speaker and those who seek to acquire knowledge.