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EntrenarSE is more than just an LMS (Learning Management System), we are an education provider resource for any and all your data-driven service technology needs. If it’s not part of our Platform, we’ll built it for you

Enterprise E-learning Platform

We build Entrenarse with one goal in mind, be the leading LMS on Corporate, Continuing Medical Education, and Adult Education and training. Entrenarse was built from the ground up, focused on corporations and the corporate training model. We rely on more than 12 years of experience delivering training to hundreds of thousands of people in companies from all industries. In the world of cloud-based training, we are the platform that will allow you to deploy effective and impressive training presentations without breaking your budget.

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Create Presentations that are unique to your needs. Upload your existing content or create your own using our presentation creator. Entrenarse's presentation platform will allow you to display content in an organized and sequential fashion including video uploads, YouTube videos, Power points, JPGs, GIF's, and PNG's. Or automatically publish your Live Web-meetings to any audience.



Share your knowledge effectively with all participants in your organization. Create a training structure that allows for the right trainers to connect with the right trainees. Take advantage of Entrenarse’s communication tools like our e-mail automation system, participative wiki’s, and/or mediated forums. Share training links using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.



Entrenarse allows your whole organization to learn and grow. Trainees will benefit from a state of the art learning management system (LMS) which is specifically tailored to them. Trainers will have a vast amount of innovative tools to best engage trainees. Best of all, you can receive all of this capabilities for an affordable price that will allow you to concentrate on your most important organizational goals.

Solutions For Everyone and Everybody

Our experience delivering training to hundreds of thousands of people in combination with our proprietary technology, allow us to customize and/or expand Entrenarse to meet your company’s needs. We can provide custom solutions for everybody, from back-end integration, to complex statistical model design, just let us know what you need. And if you need to do-it-yourself we provide a comprehensive API to integrate with Entrenarse. We would love to hear from you, and help you create an incredible customized experience for your company.




Present the information accurately and in a timely fashion by taking advantage of our flexible presentation platform which allows you to combine a large array of tools to use for in-presentation training in order to diversify engagement with trainees.


Organize your training structure or learning path effectively by actively managing both trainers and trainees. Create profiles for all participants, giving each specific access to presentations as you see fit. Manage trainers by assigning them to specific regions, divisions, or a particular group of employees from the easy to use activity dashboard


Properly test your trainee's knowledge progression by using a wide array of quizzing methods including multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer methods. Deploy this quizzing methods throughout your presentations as you see fit. Conveniently asses quizzing results using a wide array of metrics using the Quiz dashboard.


For live events (a.k.a. synchronous) we include a state-of-the-art Web-Meeting platform and Mobile application for those moments when you need real-time communication with your audience. Plus, it’s unlimited.


Reward and incentivize your trainees by creating specific certification programs which will allow your trainees to demonstrate proficiency in their newly acquired knowledge.

And of course, Metrics

We collect all the necessary data for you to handle the essential aspects regarding your employees effectiveness and behavior. You will be able to inspect in real time the development of your courses and your student’s performance. From trainee’s time effectiveness to performance in evaluations, we provide a very advanced panel where you will consult, modify, and export fully customized reports to supervise your training effectiveness and evaluate possible changes in training strategy.


Manage your live events

Symposia is an application that provides an unprecedented real-time interaction between attendees, speakers and sponsoring enterprises as well as foster relationships. Now you can create online surveys in real time, speakers can interact with the audience during a presentation, spontaneity create Q&A and follow them after the events creating a new paradigm for live events. Get to know the new way to interact with events.

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About Us

In a competitive market where most companies have more and more demands, human resources must be continually trained to achieve growth objectives. Nowadays, it doesn't matter if you have five or five thousand employees, thanks to the Internet it is very common to work with people around the globe. Most companies are regionalized and/or globalized, so personnel stays distributed. In this context, to undertake relevant training under a traditional model, companies would need to increase budgets for basic expenses such as travel, hotels, and meals, without counting the lost productivity outside the office. Online training, undoubtedly enables companies to create plans for continuous, high quality training without breaking the budget. In Entrenarse, we understand about training. Our extensive experience training thousands of people in different industries have allowed us to create a product that is uniquely positioned to serve the training needs of companies. We focused on the experience of learning: from the moment you meet your teacher to the moment that you have your certificate in your hands. We encourage you to try our platform for free and in full capacity for the next 30 days. We'll love to hear from you after you try it!

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